7 Vitals Steps To Preventing Home Fires

Posted on: 10 August 2017

According to nfpa.org, 7 people die every day in home fires. That is a scary thought. You're probably wondering what these people could have done differently. How can you prevent you and your family from becoming a statistic? Here are a few very important steps you can take to keep your home safe from fires.

  1. Clear the Outside: There are a few things you can do to the outside of your home to prevent fires from the outside. Don't place firewood against your house. Wildfires love firewood. Keep your grass short by mowing often and watering frequently. Short green grass won't carry the fire to your house. Keep your gutters and windowsills clear of leaves and other debris.
  2. Regular Inspection: Performing routine inspections of power tools and electrical appliances is very important. Check for damaged cords and replace them immediately.
  3. Clear the Stove: Many house fires are caused by flammable items getting too close to the stove. This can include hot pads, paper towels, clothes, and many more. Keep these items far away from the stove, and regularly clean your burners to prevent oil and food particles from catching fire. If something does catch fire, put a lid over it and leave it there until the fire is out and the lid has cooled.
  4. Never Smoke Inside: This is especially important around flammable furniture such as sofas and beds. Until your cigarette ashes have completely cooled, they can easily fall and catch fire.
  5. Clear areas around Heaters: Whether you're using a space heater, a furnace, a radiant heater, or any other type of heater, it is very important to keep the space around it clear by at least 3 feet.
  6. Check your Smoke Detectors: You should have working smoke detectors on every floor of your home, preferably in every room. Check them regularly to make sure the batteries are still working properly. According to Redcross.org sixty-five percent of home fire deaths occur in homes that don't have working smoke alarms, so this step is vital.
  7. Make a Plan: Not all fires can be prevented, so have meetings with your family to create and go over your fire escape plan. Make sure everyone understands their role and practice your plan regularly so everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.

Following these 5 steps can save your home and even your family from a home fire. Always be prepared with a plan in place, working smoke detectors, and a thorough knowledge of prevention strategies.