3 Signs You May Want To Have A Property Condition Assessment Done On Your Commercial Property

Posted on: 31 December 2019

During a professional property condition assessment, a professional can come in and thoroughly check out your commercial property to determine what type of condition it is in. If you are wondering when you should think about hiring one of these professionals, consider these signs that it might be time to do just that:

1. You're Dealing With Legal Issues

First of all, if you find yourself dealing with legal issues, you might find that it's smart for you to have a property condition assessment. For example, if your business is facing a lawsuit due to someone tripping and getting hurt or otherwise being injured while on your property, you might want to prove that the injury was not caused due to your building being in poor condition. If you are facing building code violations or other similar issues, then you may want to have a property condition assessment done so that you can fight the claim. Of course, it is important to work with an attorney when dealing with any type of legal issue, but having a property condition assessment might be something that you and your attorney will determine is a good choice.

2. You're Thinking About Selling Your Property

If you are thinking about selling your commercial property, having a property condition assessment done is a smart move. For one thing, this can help you determine how you should price your property. It can also help you provide proof of your building's condition to those who might be interested in potentially buying it. In addition to having a property condition assessment done, you will also probably want to work with a good commercial real estate agent for help with this process.

3. You're Wondering What Improvements You Should Make

Lastly, it can be a good idea to have a property condition assessment done if you are thinking about making improvements to your property but aren't sure of which improvements to make. This can give you a better idea of the parts of your commercial property that might be in good condition and the parts of your property that could use some improvement. Then, you can look into the importance of each improvement that needs to be done, and you can start looking into the cost and work will be involved in making these improvements. This will help you make a more well-informed decision when making commercial property improvements.