• Are You Designing A Commercial Building? See Why Consulting With A Fire Protection Engineer Is Critical

    Fire damage is one of the problems that you should worry about when designing a building. The best way to deal with the risk of fire damage is by putting in place measures to protect your property from the damage before it occurs. During the construction process, you should hire a fire protection engineer to help you incorporate features that will help maximize fire security.  Most people ignore engaging a fire protection engineer because it costs money, and they believe the general contractor understands fire protection.
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  • Two Reasons To Meet With A Consultant Before Starting Your Small Business

    Small business ownership can be very rewarding. Standing at the helm of a small business places you in a front-and-center role that is usually in direct contact with the consumer. There's no bureaucracy to hide behind and the lack of red-tape can be quite refreshing. However, because you probably won't have a huge staff it makes every decision that much more important. You won't be able to pass the buck so it's vital that you have as much information going into your venture as you possibly can.
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  • Types Of Insurance Coverage For Cannabis Businesses

    Finding insurance for cannabis-based businesses can be a little tricky, due to the contradictory legal status that marijuana has at the present time, but there are still plenty of options. Here are some of the types of coverage you can find for your business. Workers' Compensation This is listed first because it's very important. In fact, most businesses that employ people in the country are required to carry this type of insurance, whether or not they are cannabis-based.
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