Keep Merchandise Secure And Potentially Catch A Thief In Action

Posted on: 15 October 2017

If you own a novelty shop that sells magic trick sets and accessories that magicians use during performances and you have noticed that inventory has consistently been coming up short these past few months, chances are merchandise is being lifted from your shop on a routine basis. The following steps will help you keep inventory secure and potentially catch a thief in action.

Employ A Couple Mystery Shoppers

Interview people who have experience as mystery shoppers and hire a couple of them who are willing to work a flexible schedule and are available on short notice. Mystery shoppers will dress and act like normal customers, but will actually be observing what is going on inside of your novelty shop.

If shoppers begin to handle a lot of merchandise or are seen walking in and out of the shop on several occasions, mystery shoppers, such as from Service Scouts, may begin to pay closer attention to the people to determine what their motives are and will consult with you if they determine that someone is trying to lift items from the shop.

Install Hidden Cameras Near Or Over "Hot" Products

Hidden cameras will not be easily detectable when a person enters your shop and will provide you with a clear indication of what is occurring inside of your business when you are busy tending to customers or putting away inventory. A technician will wire cameras for you and hide the lenses above or next to products that are popular and sold on a consistent basis. Request that cameras are installed in several locations so that you can keep tabs on daily shopping habits that take place in a large portion of your store.

At the end of each day, watch some of the footage at your leisure to determine if things that you deem to be suspicious have occurred. If you notice that a person has acted strangely, take a look at the inventory to determine if any items are missing. If so, you will have a description of the person because of the footage and can take action to have them apprehended by a law official.

Use Glass Cases For High Ticket Items

Glass cases that have sliding doors that contain locking devices can be used to house high ticket items. Sort through inventory and separate expensive products from ones that cost a lot less. Place the cases near the cash register or the part of the shop that you frequent the most each day.

If anyone is interested in looking at some of the more expensive products, they will need to notify you. Because of this, you can stand near each customer as they look at one of the products up close and can put merchandise away and lock it up if someone has chosen not to make a purchase.