Why Should You Mail Campaign Materials In This Age Of The Internet?

Posted on: 29 March 2019

In the age of the Internet, there are so many options for free and cheap advertising. You can advertise on social media sites like Facebook for free or at a low cost. You can make your own website, send out emails, and even post on forums. As someone who is campaigning for office, it can be tempting to do most of your campaigning online because it's just so inexpensive and easy. However, there are some real benefits to sending out paper campaign mailings, even in the age of the Internet.

Campaign mailings are harder to ignore.

How many different ads, and campaign ads, do yous scroll past daily on social media. Chances are, you don't pay much attention to them; maybe they garner a second or two of your time if they really say something interesting. With direct mailing, people spend more time actually thinking and considering your message. They have to take time to open the envelope. They hold the post card in their hands as they read it, and they have to then physically decide to put it in the trash or on their fridge. They can't just scroll past!

Campaign mailings reach those who may not be on your side, yet.

To win your election, you need to win over constituents who are not yet on your team. This can be tough on social media, since the algorithms seem to show users more and more of what they are already interested — rather than ads from someone different. You can send anyone physical mail, however. It's a good way to reach those who may currently support a different candidate.

Campaign mailings show you are serious.

Anyone can put together a Facebook page and create a few online ads. Because it is free or cheap, even the least serious candidates seem to do it! Direct mailing costs more, so by paying for this service, you are showing your constituents that you really care about your campaign and are willing to put plenty of effort into it. They will gather (hopefully correctly) that you will treat your position the same way if elected.

Sending out physical mail may seem like a strange campaign strategy in the days of the Internet, but it's actually a great way to set yourself apart. Remember to work with a reputable direct mail service and to design a mailer that looks professional and that offers plenty of information to readers.