Why Hire A DISC Personality Profile Test Consultant?

Posted on: 26 July 2021

Many people's first experience with a personality test came in the form of an online quiz or a test in a magazine. Personality tests can be a lot of fun, but they can also have practical applications. Personality profile tests like the DISC test can allow employers to get to know potential hires. If you've never used pre-employment aptitude testing before, you may want to consult with an expert. Here are four reasons to hire a consultant to administer the DISC personality profile test:

1. Learn how to use pre-employment aptitude tests.

Pre-employment aptitude tests like the DISC test are used to screen candidates for certain personality traits. This test looks for dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. While everyone possesses these traits, people often display them in greater or lesser quantities, depending on their personalities. A pre-employment aptitude test can be included with your standard job application or administered as part of the interview process. You can collect applicants' test scores and use them when making hiring decisions.

2. Understand your employees better.

Managerial positions are challenging. Managers must not only complete their own work but also ensure that the people below them are performing well. Understanding the personalities of each of your employees can help you become a better manager. The results of the DISC personality profile can give you unique insights into your employees' motivations. You can use this knowledge to become the kind of manager that workers respond to.

3. Place employees in positions that suit their abilities.

The DISC personality profile sorts people into four categories, depending on their dominant traits. As a hiring manager, you can use these categories to help you place employees in positions where they will excel. Some people have dominant personalities, for instance, and those people can often excel as team leaders. Their confidence means that they won't falter when charged with directing others. Other people have influencer personalities, which means they seek harmony and value interpersonal relationships. These people might excel on your human resources team. In this way, pre-employment aptitude testing can be used to ensure that everyone gets to play to their strengths.

4. Facilitate harmony in the office.

People may join your team for the salary or benefits, but they often stay because they enjoy their work environment. Harmony is an important quality for any office, and DISC personality profiles can help you achieve a pleasant workplace. Hiring people who are likely to get along with the rest of your team can help you avoid drama and unwanted employee turnover.

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