Why A Land Surveyor Can Help With A Dispute Involving An Easement

Posted on: 27 June 2023

If you plan to buy, sell, or build a property, you might wonder if you need a land surveying service. A land surveyor is a professional who can measure and map the boundaries and features of your land using specialized tools and techniques. A land survey can provide valuable information about your property, such as its size, shape, location, elevation, and potential restrictions. There are several common scenarios where hiring a land surveyor is beneficial, and one of the most important is researching a land easement.

Researching Land Easements

You might hire a land surveyor to research the existence and extent of any easements on your property. Easements are legal rights that allow someone else to use or access a portion of your land for a specific purpose, such as utilities, drainage, or access.

Easements can affect your property value, privacy, and ability to use your land. A land survey can help you identify any easements on your property, their source and history, and their impact on your property rights.

Knowing What to Expect

When a land surveyor is tasked with determining an easement, they must thoroughly examine the property and surrounding area to identify any existing easements or potential areas where an easement might be needed. This involves reviewing relevant property deeds, plats, and other legal documents and surveying the land to identify any existing markers or boundaries.

Once the surveyor has a clear understanding of the property and any existing easements, they will work with the property owner and any other relevant parties to determine the specific terms of the easement. This might include the easement's location, duration, and allowable uses.

Settling Property Disputes

You might be involved in a property dispute with another party, such as your neighbor, seller, or municipality. A property dispute can arise from boundary lines, encroachments, easements, ownership claims, or zoning violations. A land survey can provide objective and authoritative evidence of the facts and figures related to your property, which can help you resolve the dispute legally.

Hiring a Land Surveyor

If you decide to hire a land surveyor, check your state's licensing and certification requirements and ensure that the land surveyor you hire meets them. Contact the land surveyor and explain why you need their services.

Hiring a land surveying service can be a wise investment for anyone who owns or plans to own a property. A land survey can provide accurate and reliable information about your property boundaries and features, which can help you protect your property rights, avoid legal troubles, enhance your property value, and achieve your goals. 

For more information on land surveying, contact a professional near you.